If you have your own place in an event...

You can support Together for Short Lives whatever your challenge. If you’re taking part in an event this year with your own place we’d love to have your support.

From the London Marathon to a Santa Dash, you can raise money and help make a lifetime of difference to children and families facing the toughest of challenges.

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If you’d like to support us with your own place in an event...

Get in touch today and we can support you:  0117 989 7838 or events@togetherforshortlives.org.uk

If you're organising your own event....

This can be really fun and very rewarding, it’s up to you how you’d like to raise the money so you can be as creative as you’d like. We’re here to help you along the way. Here are some tips and useful guidance to ensure you have the most fun, and raise the most funds.

Get inspired
The beauty of organising your own event is that it’s totally up to you what you’d like to do – as long as it’s safe and legal. Whether it’s at work or in your local community the choice is yours. However if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, we’ve provided some ideas below to get you started.

If you’d like some more fundraising tips and ideas of the different activities you could organise then click here.

We offer lots of support whether you are doing one of our events or organising your own, see what sort of support you will get here.

Have fun, be safe and be legal

 Whether you’re doing it on your own or organising an event with a group of friends, we want to ensure that you not only have fun whilst raising money for a fantastic cause, but also do it safely and legally.

From equipment and entertainment to food and first aid, the safe and legal overview will ensure you’ve got everything covered when organising your own event.


Once you’ve decided what it is you’re going to do, you now need to let everyone know about it. If you are holding your event at work you could advertise it through your internal communication channels such as newsletters, notice boards or email. Make sure you check with your boss first! If your event is taking place in the community you could tell your local paper, display posters, promote it in the local newsagents or invite all your friends on Facebook. The more people know about it, the more funds you’ll raise.

If you’d like to organise your own event...

Get in touch today and we can support you: 0117 989 7838 or events@togetherforshortlives.org.uk

We also love to hear about what you’ve been up to and see any photos of your events or activities so remember to send these to us too.