Jordan Wilimovsky

Jordan is an American competitive swimmer who specializes in open water swimming. In his first Olympic Games - Rio 2016, Wilimovsky finished just outside the medal positions, finishing 4th in the 1,500 meters. Find out his top tips by watching his short video.


 The Brownlee Brothers

In the Rio Olympics Alistair Brownlee became the first athlete to win successive Olympic gold medals in the triathlon after successfully defending his title won in the London Games. His victory gave Team GB its 20th gold medal of the Rio Games. Alistair strolled over the line six seconds ahead of his brother, Jonny, who took silver. 

Banana Bread

Here they share their recipe for Banana Loaf. The polenta, bananas and dates provide a mixture of fast and slow release carbohydrates which help to replenish energy stores after training. The dates, raisins and sultanas contain iron to help boost the development of red blood cells which aid endurance.

Find more recipes from different sports professionals on the Food Champions website.  


Liz Yelling

 Liz Yelling

Double Olympian and Commonwealth medallist, Liz Yelling has helped runners of all abilities, from total 'I can't run' novices, through to PB hunters and aspiring champions achieve their own personal levels of excellence. Here she shares some of her top tips with us. 


  • If I’m feeling tired what really motivates me to go for that training session is knowing that others are out there training and getting fitter, so I had better too! Otherwise I will not make race day easy.
  • My ideal breakfast on the morning of a big run has to be Jam on toast. This is because it is simple and doesn’t have too much fibre content that can aggravate your stomach if you are running for a long time.
  • Another good exercise to compliment your running sessions is Core stability exercises, whether that’s Yoga, Pilates or working out on a Swiss ball, because a strong core means you are an efficient runner and you will waste less energy whilst running and less likely to get injured.
  • To keep my mind focused I think about how amazing it is going to feel when I cross the finish line when I’m nearing the end of a big run.