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End of Life Planning for Children – Parent’s Perspective

This film features interviews with two bereaved mothers – Josie and Julie – and is intended to raise awareness for professionals of some of the issues to consider when discussing end of life plans with families and promotes the powerful voice of the parent within this process.

The film was produced by The Avon Palliative Care Partnership Group, as part of its development of a Tiered Model of Training to target key personnel, across a number of organisations and settings, who are likely to be in a position of discussing with a family their wishes for end of life care of a child/young-person with a life-limiting and life-threatening condition.

The model of training included the development of a short film. Josie and Julie, the two parents interviewed, have experienced end of life discussions and the subsequent death of their children. The interviews were conducted in a semi structured format with the focus on:

  • Experience of end of life discussions
  • What went well and what didn’t go well within the process
  • What would be the key messages for professionals in engaging with this process?

The film is therefore intended to be a valuable resource for all professionals to get a valuable parent’s perspective when discussing end of life planning for children. Click on the Watch the film button to view the film on our YouTube channel