Joint partnership with Together for Short Lives and Breast Cancer Campaign (2010 - 2014)

Travis Perkins, supplier to the building and construction industry, has been a national corporate partner since January 2010. The business selected two charities with an aim to engage both employees and customers at a local and national level.


Travis Perkins' original objectives were:

  • to raise awareness of the charities both locally and nationally
  • to raise £160,000 over two years
  • to engage and unite employees through fundraising activities and create positive PR for Travis Perkins in the locations where it trades.


Like us, Travis Perkins believes that engaging with charities should be fun, offer choice and give employees the flexibility to tailor activity to suit their branch and area of business. Regional charity committees drive engagement from branch level, often meeting at their local children’s hospice to see first-hand the work they’re supporting and plan future activities.

Children’s Hospice Week, our national fundraising and awareness week, has enjoyed some very high profile support, and last year we were fortunate to have the support of Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge who recorded her first ever video message in support of Children’s Hospice Week. Simon Cowell, our patron, also provided personal messages of support during a visit to Helen & Douglas House. For the past three years Travis Perkins employees have dressed as superheroes celebrating the many heroes within children’s hospices and in 2013 the branches collectively cycled the distance from London to Sydney in just one day!

TP Toni Hasler  with Travis Perkins  teamTP Midland Region Director   Superheroes cropped






TP Business of the Year   Award PhotoIn 2012, after raising a staggering £860,000 for Together for Short Lives and Breast Cancer Campaign, the partnership was recognised at Third Sector’s Business Charity Awards when Travis Perkins won the much coveted Business of the Year award and Business Charity Champion.

To date, Travis Perkins has raised over £1.2 million for children’s hospices and Breast Cancer Campaign. The partnership has generated 190 pieces of media coverage mentioning Together for Short Lives and Travis Perkins,  with a circulation of 2,746,728 and an estimated advertising value of £82,814.

The Charity Team at Travis Perkins were hugely impressed by the work being done by Together for Short Lives. The level of engagement was really important to us and they are prepared to go the extra mile in ensuring it’s a win/win for both parties. We have formed a fantastic partnership as both parties were committed to making the whole partnership both fun & rewarding. They are always willing and able to venture into new areas of activities which certainly helped Travis Perkins in driving engagement from its own colleagues. Nothing was ever too much trouble." Ian Church, 2010 Chair of Charity Committee