Together We Can is a collection of resources for organisations developing a service where volunteers support families of a child with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition. The resources were developed and tested specifically for this purpose, but might be useful for any organisation developing volunteer services. Learn more about the organisations that created the resources here

The resources are designed as a pick and mix kit, so you can focus on what is most useful to you. You don’t need to use everything or follow step-by-step. Jump to what interests you.

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The resources are arranged in four main sections. You can click on any section to see more resources about that topic:


- Know the benefits - Know the costs - Structured planning - Recruiting volunteers - Training volunteers - Promoting the service - Matching families and volunteers- Supervising volunteers - Policies and support - Keeping good records





As a first step, think about which things your organisation already has and which you might want more help with. You can download a checklist to help with this here, or just use the links below. 

Planning your volunteering service

Engaging volunteers

Engaging families or people using services

Running your volunteering service