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Running your service

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This section provides resources to help you run your volunteer service day-to-day, including supervising volunteers, ensuring all policies are in place and keeping good records. You can also click on the links to any of the other sections below.

First check your progress: You can access a simple checklist of steps here, to see what you are already doing well and what gaps you might want to fill.

Supervising volunteers

Recruiting and training volunteers is only the start of building a good quality volunteering service. To keep volunteers supported and motivated and to make sure any issues can be dealt with appropriately, it is important to check-in regularly with volunteers. This might include a monthly phone call, a quarterly one-to-one meeting or a group gathering  every six months, for example. Volunteers should have a contact person to call at any time, but build in regular time to touch base with volunteers too.

Resources that might help you include:


Supporting volunteers

When planning your service, you will probably have thought through all the policies needed to iron out any issues and ensure that all parties are clear about the roles and boundaries of volunteers. Referring to and regularly updating these policies and forms will help you run your volunteer service effectively.

Volunteers need a quick and easy process to claim any expenses and to be very clear about what they are and are not encouraged to do as a volunteer.

Many organisations already have policies about lone workers, health and safety when working in people’s homes or expense claim forms. Use whatever fits in with your organisation. It can sometimes help to see what others have used though or to get tips for ways to strengthen your existing documents. Resources that might help you include:


Keeping good records

As your volunteer support service gets up and running it is essential to keep good records about who is involved and what type of support is being provided. This will help you make a case about the value of your service so it can continue. You could also ask volunteers to submit a record about every visit they make so you are up to date with what happened and can address any issues.

Building in ways to collect feedback from volunteers and families before they start the service and several months later will help you keep improving what you’re doing as well as showing you act on any suggestions made.

Resources that might help you include:

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