Together for Short Lives
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Making a lifetime of difference for children expected to have short lives.


We are the UK’s leading charity for the 49,000 children living with life-limiting conditions, and their families. We are here to ensure that no child or family
is ever left behind when it comes to getting vital care and support.

How we make a difference

Victory for Together for Short Lives

We’ve been fighting to increase government funding for children’s hospices, which our research shows has been dropping. So we’re delighted that the NHS has announced it will be protecting and increasing the children’s hospice grant.

Children's hospice grant to increase to £25 million

NHS England has announced that by by 2023/24 it will have ring fenced £25 million funding to support children’s hospices – increasing funding incrementally from this year’s baseline of £12 million.

Thea Walker

We are here if you need support

If you are parent or carer who looks after or knows a child or young person expected to have a short life, we’re here to help.

Call us on 0808 8088 100

We are here to support professionals caring for seriously ill children, young people and families

We support all the professionals who are there for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families. We bring professionals together, share practice and offer resources and tools to support your work with children and families.

We need your help

Please give your money, your time or your voice, and help us change lives. Together we will make a lifetime of difference for children with short lives, helping every family get the very best care and support, every step of their journey – no matter how short.

Help us help families like the Hadmans

No family should face the heart-break of knowing their child will die young alone. Families don’t know what the future may hold and can feel isolated and lonely. Your support can allow us to help families like the Hadmans, who lost their daughter Effie to Late Infantile Batten disease when she was just six. “Together for Short Lives was there for us, when we felt lost,” says her mum Carly.

Effie and Carly Hadman

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