The Extubation Care Pathway (2010)

Withdrawing any life-sustaining treatment is one of the most difficult areas of clinical practice that professionals will face, and finding the right way to open up this dialogue with parents and children can feel insurmountable.

Yet for those children in circumstances where treatment can merely sustain life, but cannot restore health or confer other benefits, then withdrawing treatment and the provision of good palliative care can be an active and positive experience for the child, the family and all the professionals that support them.

The Together for Short Lives Care Pathway to Support Extubation within a Children’s Palliative Care Framework provides professionals with the tools that they need to support families to make informed choices at this difficult time and focuses on children who are in the situation of being at the end of their life and dependent on respiratory support. This pathway provides a template to draw together all the professionals and resources needed to support the child and family along their unique care journey before, during and after extubation, where this is their chosen end of life care option, wherever that process takes place.

The Care Pathway to Support Extubation within a Children’s Palliative Care Framework is essential reading for all professionals who may support children with palliative care needs throughout their journey and end of life stage; including professionals who work in the children’s palliative care sector, in general hospitals, children’s hospices or in the community, or in specialist hospital services such as critical care settings in neonatology, intensive care, neurology, oncology and cardiology.