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A Life Threating Subglottic and Mediastinal Hemangioma in an Infant

Journal title
The Journal of craniofacial surgery
Publication year
Onder, S. S.; Gergin, O.; Karabulut, B.

Subglottic and mediastinal hemangioma are rare benign vascular tumors of childhood. They cause potentially life threatening condition which requires intervention. Several therapeutic options have been described in the literature with varying degrees of success and complications. We report a case of a stridulous 2-month old female infant with mediastinal and subglottic hemangioma. The child was treated with propranolol without the need for tracheostomy or any other surgical intervention, and with no reported side effects. Propranolol is an effective, non-invasive treatment for life threatening infantile hemangiomas compressing the airway, should be used as a firstline treatment for subglottic hemangiomas when intervention is required.

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