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Bereavement and bereavement care in health and social care: provision and practice in Scotland

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Stephen, A. I.; Wimpenny, P.; Unwin, R.; Work, F.; Dempster, P.; MacDuff, C.; Wilcock, S. E.; Brown, A.

The interview study described here aimed to explore current views of and practice in bereavement care and identify priorities for service development in Scotland. Fifty-nine participants who worked with the bereaved in some way, or whose interest was in bereavement or bereavement care, were interviewed. They represented National Health Service organizations, chaplaincy departments, educational institutions, academic departments, voluntary groups, and other related bodies, such as funeral directors. Transcripts were read repeatedly and initial emerging themes were identified, coded and shared between research team members to reach a consensus for key themes. Priority areas for development were related to raising public awareness, coordination of services, guidance, and professional education.

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