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Characterization of surgical procedures in patients with mucopolysaccharidosis type I: findings from the MPS I Registry

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Arn, P.; Wraith, J. E.; Underhill, L.
859-64 e3

OBJECTIVE: To clarify the extent and chronology of surgical burden in relation to symptom onset and diagnosis in patients with mucopolysaccharidosis I (MPS I) as reported in the MPS I Registry, an international observational database. STUDY DESIGN: Analysis of surgical data from 544 patients enrolled in the MPS I Registry. Among all patients with at least 1 reported surgery, the number and frequency of procedures, and age at procedure, diagnosis, and symptom onset were collected overall, by patient, and by reported phenotype (Hurler, Hurler-Scheie, Scheie). RESULTS: Overall and by phenotype, approximately 75% of patients in the MPS I Registry reported at least 1 surgery. The most common were myringotomies and related procedures, hernia repair, adenoidectomy/tonsillectomy, and carpal-tunnel release. Median age at first surgery was <5 years. A median of 3 to 4 surgeries was reported per patient. By age 1.5, 4, and 10 years, respectively, 22%, 44%, and 54% of patients reported > or = 2 surgeries. At least 1 surgery preceded diagnosis in 36%, 46%, and 63% of patients with Hurler, Hurler-Scheie, and Scheie, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: Pediatricians and pediatric surgeons need to be aware of the surgical burden of MPS I and be alert to its presenting signs and symptoms in children scheduled for surgery.

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