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Children who require long-term ventilation: staff education and training

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Hewitt-Taylor, J.

Children who live with conditions that were previously considered incompatible with long-term survival are often highly dependent on medical technology, interventions and equipment. This includes an increasing number of children who require long-term assisted ventilation. It is generally accepted that the social, psychological, emotional and developmental needs of children are best met at home, rather than in a hospital environment, and this applies equally to children who have long-term health problems. However, one of the many factors that can impede the discharge from hospital of children requiring long-term assisted ventilation is a lack of staff who can provide care and support for them and their families. Increasing the number of staff who are able to provide such support may therefore assist in improving the provision of appropriate care for this group. This paper reports on a study of the perceived education and training needs of staff who care for children with complex needs, including assisted ventilation, and their families.

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