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Controlled-release oxycodone for the management of pediatric postoperative pain

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Czarnecki, M. L.; Jandrisevits, M. D.; Theiler, S. C.; Huth, M. M.; Weisman, S. J.

Studies addressing pain management after pediatric spinal fusion surgery have focused on the use of patient-controlled or epidural analgesia during the immediate postoperative period. Controlled-release (CR) analgesics have been found to be safe and effective in adults. The purpose of this study was to describe the use of oxycodone-CR in pediatric patients after the immediate postoperative period. A retrospective chart review of 62 postoperative spinal fusion patients (10-19 years) was conducted. The mean initial oxycodone-CR dose was 1.24 mg/kg/day. The mean ratio of conversion from parenteral morphine equivalents to oxycodone-CR was 1:1. Mean pain scores decreased from 4.2/10 to 3.7/10 with the transition to oxycodone-CR. Common side effects included dizziness, constipation, and nausea. Oxycodone-CR was used for an average of 13.3 days, which included an average wean time of 6 days. Results of this study demonstrate safe and effective use of oxycodone-CR in the pediatric spinal fusion population.

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