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Controversies on electromagnetic field exposure and the nervous systems of children

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Histology and histopathology
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Warille, A. A.; Onger, M. E.; Turkmen, A. P.; Deniz, O. G.; Altun, G.; Yurt, K. K.; Altunkaynak, B. Z.; Kaplan, S.

This paper reviewed possible health effects from exposure to low levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) in children, arising from electrical power sources and mobile phones. Overall, the information about effects on developmental processes and cognitive functions is insufficient and further research on children and adolescents is critically needed. New research approaches are required focused on the effects on the developmental processes of children exposed to electromagnetic fields, using consistent protocols. When the current data were considered in detail, it was noted that children’s unique vulnerabilities make them more sensitive to EMFs emitted by electronics and wireless devices, as compared to adults. Some experimental research shows a neurological impact and exposure in humans may lead to the cognitive and behavioral impairments. Because of the proliferation of wireless devices, public awareness of these dangers now is important to safeguard children’s future healthy brain development.

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