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Decision aids available for parents making end-of-life or palliative care decisions for children: A scoping review

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Journal of paediatrics and child health
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Medeiros, C.; Buckley, L.; Metcalfe, K.; Narayanan, U. G.; Widger, K.

AIM: To identify and assess the quality of decision aids that align the decision, values and information provided for parents making end-of-life or palliative care decisions for children with life-threatening conditions. METHODS: Six databases and the grey literature were searched in December 2018. Two reviewers independently reviewed database citations, and one reviewed grey literature citations. Citation chaining via Scopus was conducted. Quality was assessed using IPDAS Collaboration Criteria. RESULTS: After reviewing 18?671 database citations and 10?988 grey literature citations, 18 citations describing 11 decision aids remained. Decision aids targeted premature infants, children requiring airway management, children with cancer and children with scoliosis. Three aids underwent testing beyond initial development. Quality scores averaged 27 of 50 points. CONCLUSIONS: There are few high-quality decision aids available for use and a lack evidence of widespread clinical use. Additional research is needed to support systematic development and the use of decision aids with families.

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