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Developing a policy for delegation of nursing care in the school setting

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Spriggle, M.

School nurses are in a unique position to provide care for students with special health care needs in the school setting. The incidence of chronic conditions and improved technology necessitate care of complex health care needs that had formerly been managed in inpatient settings. Delegation is a tool that may be used by registered nurses to allow unlicensed assistive personnel to perform appropriate nursing tasks and activities while keeping in mind that the registered nurse ultimately retains accountability for the delegation. The legal parameters for nursing delegation are defined by State Nurse Practice Acts, State Board of Nursing guidelines, and Nursing Administrative Rules/Regulations. Delegation becomes more challenging when carried out in a non-health care setting. School administrators may not be aware of legal issues related to delegation of nursing care in the school setting. It is crucial for school nurses to have a working knowledge of the delegation process. Development of a specific delegation policy will ensure that delegation is carried out in a manner providing for safe and appropriate care in the school setting.

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