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[Dignified death for children: concept analysis]

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Poles, K.; Bousso, R. S.

The purpose of this study was to describe the background, attributes and consequences of the concept of dignified death for children. The concept analysis strategy was used to evaluate the 40 articles found in journals in the medical and nursing areas, which studied or focused on the dignified death of children. The attributes of the dignified death concept include: quality of life, child- and family-centered care, specific knowledge about palliative care, shared decisions, relieving the child’s suffering, clear communication, helpful relations and a welcoming environment. Few articles bring the definition of a dignified death for children, and, when they do, such definition is vague and often ambiguous among the many authors. This aspect indicates that the concept is not defined consistently, demanding studies about its manifestation in the clinical practice, contributing with the care at the end of life in Pediatrics.

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