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Evidence-based assessment of coping and stress in pediatric psychology

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Blount, R. L.; Simons, L. E.; Devine, K. A.; Jaaniste, T.; Cohen, L. L.; Chambers, C. T.; Hayutin, L. G.

OBJECTIVE: To review selected measures of stress and coping in pediatric populations. Stress and coping are presented within a risk and resiliency framework. METHODS: The Society of Pediatric Psychology (SPP) surveyed the membership to identify the most frequently used assessment instruments. Twelve measures of coping and three measures of stress were reviewed. These instruments were evaluated using the Stress and Coping workgroup’s modification of the criteria developed by the SPP Assessment Task Force (SPP-ATF). RESULTS: One of the three measures of stress and five of the 12 measures of coping were Well-established measures that broaden understanding. Additionally, one of the coping measures was categorized as a Well-established measure that guides treatment. Merits of the individual measures are discussed. CONCLUSIONS: Recommendations for future research are provided, including suggestions for the construction and use of measures to inform treatment research.

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