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Home care of the high-risk infant.

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Hummel,P.; Cronin,J.

Increasingly, infants are discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with unresolved healthcare issues and ongoing technology needs. A well-planned discharge of a medically stable infant is important to assure safe and effective care in the home and to minimize avoidable hospital readmissions. This article addresses the discharge of and home care options for 3 groups of infants who have traditionally been cared for in the hospital. These include infants requiring palliative care, infants who are technology dependent, and those stable premature infants requiring intensive home support. Intermittent and continuous home nursing care options are defined, and the goals of home care nursing are outlined. The importance of objective discharge criteria and medical stability is discussed along with practical tips and strategies to assure success. A teaching tool to assist parents in choosing a home care provider is included.

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