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Management of Cardiac Involvement Associated With Neuromuscular Diseases: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association

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Feingold, B.; Mahle, W. T.; Auerbach, S.; Clemens, P.; Domenighetti, A. A.; Jefferies, J. L.; Judge, D. P.; Lal, A. K.; Markham, L. W.; Parks, W. J.; Tsuda, T.; Wang, P. J.; Yoo, S. J.

For many neuromuscular diseases (NMDs), cardiac disease represents a major cause of morbidity and mortality. The management of cardiac disease in NMDs is made challenging by the broad clinical heterogeneity that exists among many NMDs and by limited knowledge about disease-specific cardiovascular pathogenesis and course-modifying interventions. The overlay of compromise in peripheral muscle function and other organ systems, such as the lungs, also makes the simple application of endorsed adult or pediatric heart failure guidelines to the NMD population problematic. In this statement, we provide background on several NMDs in which there is cardiac involvement, highlighting unique features of NMD-associated myocardial disease that require clinicians to tailor their approach to prevention and treatment of heart failure. Undoubtedly, further investigations are required to best inform future guidelines on NMD-specific cardiovascular health risks, treatments, and outcomes.

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