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Mechanical properties of three different compositions of calcium phosphate bioceramic following immersion in Ringer’s solution and distilled water

Journal title
Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine
Publication year
Hsu, Y. H.; Turner, I. G.; Miles, A. W.

Dissolution tests were carried out to compare the mechanical properties of calcium phosphate based bioceramics with different compositions, before and after ageing for various time periods in Ringer’s solution (pH 7.2) or distilled water (pH 7.2 and 4.0) at 37 degrees C. The results indicate that the sample composition seems to have more of an effect on the mechanical properties than does the storage environment. No obvious decrease in mechanical properties was found after samples had been aged in the various solutions during the different time periods. This indicates that these samples could be of significant clinical interest as their good structural properties were retained.

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