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Music in Obstetrics: An Intervention Option to Reduce Tension, Pain and Stress

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Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde
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Wulff, V.; Hepp, P.; Fehm, T.; Schaal, N. K.

In recent years, the effect of music interventions and music therapy has experienced increased attention in the literature. It has been shown that music has positive effects on cognitive and physical performance, such as concentration and endurance, as well as on psychological parameters, such as anxiety and relaxation. Studies within the context of medicine in particular are increasingly indicating that music may be used as an intervention for relief against anxiety, stress and pain. Music is therefore seen in actual practice as a supplement to conventional pharmacological and non-pharmacological forms of treatment – and the trend is rising. Studies involving music interventions in the field of obstetrics have shown, amongst other things, that music improves the ability to relax during pregnancy and can reduce anxiety. It was also discovered that during childbirth music interventions resulted in a reduction of pain and stress. Music also has the effect of reducing stress, pain and anxiety in expectant mothers during deliveries by caesarean section. This review intends to provide an overview of the literature on music interventions in the field of obstetrics and to give a resume on the current state of research around the topic of music in relation to pregnancy, spontaneous deliveries and caesarean sections. Furthermore, the relevance of music for everyday obstetrics will be illustrated.

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