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Nursing interventions in palliative care in Pediatric Oncology: an integrative review

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Revista brasileira de enfermagem
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Sousa, Adrse; Silva, L. F. D.; Paiva, E. D.

OBJECTIVE: to identify, in scientific productions, nursing interventions in palliative care in children and adolescents with cancer. METHOD: integrative review of the literature through the databases: CINAHL, MEDLINE, IBECS, LILACS and SCIELO, carried out in October and November 2017. RESULTS: we analyzed 18 articles that met the inclusion criteria. The results showed that, among the articles selected, Brazil is the country with the largest number of publications and that interventions such as music therapy, massage, ludic application, early consultation of palliative care, social interventions and physical exercises aimed at the resolution of a specific symptom obtained better results when compared to interventions that aimed at the comprehensiveness of palliative care. FINAL CONSIDERATION: we conclude that greater emphasis should be given to palliative care in academic and professional training and that further studies in search of the best evidence should be conducted to support nursing Evidence-Based Practices.

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