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Outcomes in Continuing Pregnancies Diagnosed with a Severe Fetal Abnormality and Implication of Antenatal Neonatology Consultation: A 10-Year Retrospective Study

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Fetal and pediatric pathology
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Hostalery, L.; Tosello, B.

PURPOSE: To describe a population choosing to continue their pregnancy despite a severe fetal abnormality and to evaluate the role of antenatal neonatology consultation in perinatal decision-making. METHODS: A 10-year (2005-2015) retrospective descriptive study in a single Multidisciplinary Prenatal Diagnosis Center in South France. A series of pregnancies with severe fetal abnormalities were collected by a person outside the decision making process and/or the child’s care. RESULTS: Thirty-nine pregnancies were included, among which 12 couples chose the perinatal palliative care. In total, there were 25 live births (10 later died, with median of survival of 52.5 h [16-943.5]); only five infants received a palliative care plan at birth. CONCLUSION: The choice to continue a pregnancy diagnosed with severe fetal pathology is on the rise in France. Treatment options point to standardize perinatal palliative care provided by trained perinatal professionals using standardized practices.

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