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Pediatric Palliative Transport in Critically Ill Children: A Single Center's Experience and Parents' Perspectives

Journal title
Journal of pediatric intensive care
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Menon, A. P.; Mok, Y. H.; Loh, L. E.; Lee, J. H.

The transfer of critically ill children from intensive care units (ICUs) to their homes for palliation is seldom described. We report our 10-year pediatric palliative transport experience and conducted a survey to gain parents' perspectives of their child's transport experience. Over the study period, eight patients were transported from our pediatric ICU to their homes or hospice facilities. There were no intratransport adverse events. Parents who participated in the survey responded positively to the transport experience. The availability of a dedicated critical care transport service allowed for palliative transfers to be performed safely. Facilitating transport to allow withdrawal of life support at home is an acceptable option to families as part of holistic end-of-life care.

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