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Pediatric sarcomas

Journal title
Oncology letters
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Cao, J.; An, Q.; Wang, L.

Sarcomas arise from primitive mesenchymal cells, which are classified, into two main groups: Bone and soft tissue sarcomas. We have searched all-important electronic databases including Google scholar and PubMed for the collection of latest literature pertaining to pediatric sarcomas. Latest literature confirmed that these tumors are relatively rare and represent only 1% of all malignancies but they have higher incidence in children. Pediatric sarcomas comprise about 13% of all pediatric malignancies and are ranked third in childhood cancers. The highest incidence rates are reported among rhabdomyosarcoma, osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcomas in children. All of these neoplasms often display highly aggressive behavior with tendency to form metastases. Important globally used management avenues include surgery with systemic chemotherapy and have success rate of 70% at 5-years. Furthermore, in the cases of advanced stages, the prognosis is poor, chances of treatment failure and recurrence are quite high. Utilization of cancer stem cells is the latest approach with great potential in management of above pathological state. The present review article discuss all-important aspects of commonly found pediatric sarcomas throughout the world.

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