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Preparing staff to provide bereavement support

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MacKenzie, J.; MacCallam, J.

An in-service training programme was developed to meet the needs of an NHS palliative care service for children and young people, specifically focused on bereavement work. A training day was held every six months that allowed staff to share and support each other’s practice and to consider how best practice could be promoted. Each training day was evaluated by attendees, who were asked to rate the usefulness of the day and give qualitative feedback. After four training days had been completed, staff views on the impact and benefits of the programme were sought using a questionnaire that incorporated a set of statements highlighting factors important to good bereavement care. Participant evaluations indicated that the aims of the training days were being met. Responses to the questionnaire were positive, both in terms of improvement and positive outcomes in the workplace. Ongoing training and support as well as clinical supervision are essential to maintain good practice in palliative and bereavement care.

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