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Professional collaboration – support for children with cancer and their families – focus group interview – a source of information and knowledge – professionals’ perspectives

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Bradley Eilertsen, M. E.; Kristiansen, K.; Reinfjell, T.; Rannestad, T.; Indredavik, M. S.; Vik, T.

In this study, our aims were to evaluate a professional collaborative model and to explore professionals’ perceptions of collaboration generally. Focus group interviews were performed with 18 health and non-health professionals caring for children diagnosed and treated for cancer. Collaboration was considered significant for professionals themselves and the families they work with. Focus group participants support the importance of arranging collaborative meetings at an early stage of the child’s illness and the family’s crisis. Many professionals, working in the child’s home community, were alone with the responsibility for follow-up care, but only a few of these professionals received supervision. More frequent contact with the paediatric clinic was desired, as well as a more active role for the general practitioner. Professionals perceived the model as being a valuable support system for longterm planning of follow-up care, allowing parents to collaborate with the care team. It is essential however, to emphasize the importance of having well-established routines, as well as the use of a coordinator. This can be important for enhancing communication between professionals and for obtaining a well-functioning collaboration.

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