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Quality of life issues in caregivers of youngsters with thalassemia

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Shaligram, D.; Girimaji, S. C.; Chaturvedi, S. K.

OBJECTIVE: To assess the contribution of psychiatric problems, concerns regarding the illness to Quality of Life (QOL) in caregivers. METHODS: Forty four caregivers were screened for psychiatric problems using the General Health Questionnaire 12 item version (GHQ-12) and their concerns and QOL were assessed using the Concerns Checklist and the EQ5D respectively. Clinical psychiatric interview was conducted for those qualifying for GHQ caseness and a psychiatric diagnosis was ascribed. These were correlated with the Childhood Psychopathology Measurement Schedule/ GHQ- 12 scores (as appropriate) and the EQ5D score of the youngster. RESULTS: Fifty seven percent of the caregivers had psychiatric problems, with depressive disorders in 19/44 (45%) QOL was affected in 50% (Pain/ discomfort (n =19, 45%), Mobility (n = 7, 17%), Depression and Usual activities dimensions (n= 6, 14% each). The greatest concerns were regarding the future (91%), illness (80%) and finances (73%). CONCLUSION: Caregiver support through psychological interventions or medication would alleviate psychiatric problems and concerns and contribute towards a better QOL.

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