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Resourcing: An approach used by foreign-born parents struggling on in childhood cancer care

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European journal of oncology nursing : the official journal of European Oncology Nursing Society
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Pergert, P.; Ekblad, S.; Bjork, O.; Enskar, K.; Andrews, T.

PURPOSE: To gain knowledge about foreign-born parents’ experiences of dealing with their child’s illness and treatment in the context of pediatric cancer care. METHOD: Data from 11 individual interviews with foreign-born parents were analyzed using qualitative inductive constant comparative analysis. RESULTS: To struggle on in childhood cancer care, foreign-born parents engaged in resourcing using various strategies including: information-monitoring, staying strong, support-seeking and concern-focusing. Parents experienced obstacles to information-monitoring and support-seeking related to their foreign background. CONCLUSIONS: The results provide a framework for understanding how foreign-born parents try to deal with childhood cancer care and can be used by health care staff to support their resourcing. Even though preconditions might differ, the strategies presented might also be used by native-born parents however further studied are needed.

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