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Seeing is believing – reducing misconceptions about children’s hospice care through effective teaching with undergraduate nursing students

Journal title
Nurse education in practice
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Price, J.; Dornan, J.; Quail, L.

Children’s palliative care has evolved in recent years and is now recognised as a distinct area of health and social care practice. Whilst children’s hospices are viewed as central to quality care for these children and families, lack of knowledge regarding the exact nature of care they provide exists. Education can go part way to changing attitudes and knowledge about the key contribution of hospices, thus improving future care. Alternative and innovative strategies to stimulate meaningful learning are pivotal to children’s nurse education and this paper examines one such innovation adopted with 2nd year children’s nursing students. Aiming to help students explore the ethos of children’s hospice an educational visit was arranged, followed by an on line discussion. Although some practical challenges were encountered, the visit heightened student awareness moving them from the readily held perception that children’s hospices were exclusively for dying children and was viewed by students as more effective than a traditional classroom session.

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