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Siblings and child friends in death-related literature for children

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Corr, C. A.

This article explores ways in which siblings and child friends are represented as being involved in death and loss experiences. These representations are taken from 51 selected examples of death-related literature designed to be read by or with children. The main goal is to ask how these youngsters respond when confronted by the death of a sibling or child friend. How do they act when they are on their own, with each other, or with adults? This is important because these representations of children coping with death-related situations can serve as partial role models for the youngsters who read these books, either on their own or with a companion adult. And when adults are involved in reading, discussing, or examining books of this type, they can gain some insights into the world of children as portrayed by these authors, insights that adult readers might not otherwise have had, insights about how children respond to death-related situations, what they need, and how they might be helped.

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