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The Cost-Effectiveness of Intensive Interdisciplinary Pediatric Chronic Pain Rehabilitation

Journal title
Journal of pediatric psychology
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Evans, J. R.; Benore, E.; Banez, G. A.

OBJECTIVE: Examine the cost-effectiveness of a 3-week interdisciplinary pediatric chronic pain rehabilitation program. METHODS: Self-reported health care utilization and parent missed work of youth with chronic pain (n = 127) at admission and 1-year follow-up were compared. Financials were calculated from program revenue and established national costs for health care and wages. RESULTS: Data indicate significant reductions in days hospitalized, physician office visits, physical/occupational therapy services, psychotherapy visits, and parental missed work. Estimated health care expenses were $61,988 in the year before admission and $14,189 in the year after admission (-$58,839). Estimated cost of missed work was $12,229 in the year prior and $1,189 in the year after (-$11,039). CONCLUSIONS: Comparing estimated expenses before ($74,217) and after ($15,378) minus program costs ($31,720), yielded estimated savings of $27,119 per family in the year following admission. These findings extend the benefit of the program beyond clinical improvement, to outcomes important to both families and insurers.

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