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The Impact of Cancer and Its Treatment on the Growth and Development of the Pediatric Patient

Journal title
Current pediatric reviews
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Brand, S.; Wolfe, J.; Samsel, C.

While pediatric survival rates have increased over the past 40 years, it has been well established that cancer and its treatment significantly impact children and their families. For the majority of families, a child’s cancer diagnosis and treatment is the most difficult life experience they will face. While most families adjust to this significant stressor, there is no doubt that coping with the treatment process is an extremely difficult experience with multiple psychosocial consequences (Liptak, Zelter, & Recklitis, 2015). This paper highlights the emotional and psychological impacts of cancer and its treatment on children and their families at each developmental stage and highlights common issues across the cancer treatment continuum. Combined knowledge of developmental and treatment stage complexities is essential to inform providers of how best to care for these children and families.

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