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Use of handheld wireless technology for a home-based sickle cell pain management protocol

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McClellan, C. B.; Schatz, J. C.; Puffer, E.; Sanchez, C. E.; Stancil, M. T.; Roberts, C. W.

PURPOSE: To evaluate use of a handheld electronic wireless device to implement a pain management protocol for participants with sickle cell disease (SCD). METHODS: Participants were 19 patients with SCD aged 9-20 who experienced vaso-occlusive pain. A single-session training on the use of cognitive-behavioral coping skills was followed by instruction on how to practice these skills and monitor daily pain experience using the device. Daily pain experience and practice of coping skills were collected for the 8-week intervention period using wireless technology. RESULTS: High rates of participation, daily diary completion and consumer satisfaction support the use of handheld wireless devices to implement this protocol. A comparison of the rates of self and device-recorded skills practice provides important information about the use of electronic monitoring for behavioral interventions. CONCLUSION: Wireless data transfer technology has significant potential to become a practical method to improve symptom monitoring and communication between patients and providers.

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