Partnering with Turn2us to fight UK poverty

Together for Short Lives has been invited to partner with national charity Turn2us on a new charitable fund to help the growing numbers of people in need of financial assistance. Turn2us help people in financial hardship to gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services. The Turn2us Response Fund supports people when they need it most - when they are coping with a life-changing event such as bereavement, job loss, ill health or disability.

The grants are based on personal circumstances and are awarded to make a difference to a family’s life and improve their living conditions. They can be made for a range of items and situations, including household items, home repairs, education, transport. The award made is dependent on the need of the individual or family but a typical grant is around £1,000.

Turn2us is keen to support families facing financial hardship as a result of receiving a life-limiting diagnosis or death of a child and will be working with Together for Short Lives as an intermediary partner. We are looking to develop a register of services keen to access the fund for the families they support. Turn2us will provide training and support for staff to complete a short online application form.

Working through partners enables Turn2us to work efficiently to ensure that the £3 million they have to award over the next 12 months goes swiftly to those that need it most. Applications to the fund will only be accepted from a partner; Together for Short Lives is the named partner for services providing children’s palliative care for families. Other partner organisations include Age UK, Carers Trust, Gingerbread, the MS Society, Sense and Shelter.

If you are an organisation providing children’s palliative care and you’d like the families you support to be able to access the fund, please email

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