Children’s Hospice Week, 13 – 20 June 2014

Join us for this year’s Children’s Hospice Week (13 – 20 June), the UK's only awareness raising and fundraising week for children with life-limiting conditions and the services, like children's hospices, that support them.

This year we’ll be celebrating all the families, professionals, children’s hospices and services who provide round the clock care for seriously ill children. Because We Care 24/7.

Children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions often have complex needs that require care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This can put enormous pressure on families, carers and siblings – children’s hospices and palliative care services are there to provide a vital lifeline.

Liz, whose family is supported by their local hospice, Little Havens, explains, “Ava’s condition means she requires 24 hour care. She is completely blind and cannot sit or stand by herself. Caring for Ava can be emotionally draining at times, the sense of responsibility is crippling. But when she goes to the hospice we can switch off from the worry.

I really had to psyche myself up before going to the hospice for the first time. I thought it would be really clinical and that I’d find it upsetting; it was completely the opposite. The children were happy, the parents were relaxed and there was lots of laughter. The advice, care, love and support they offer is invaluable. We wouldn’t be able to cope without them.”

Children’s hospices offer a wide range of services including short breaks, hospice at home care, 1:1 counselling services and activity days. For many families, a short break at a hospice might mean the only time they are able to get a proper night’s sleep. It gives them the time to relax as a family, with expert support day and night, and spend time together making precious memories.

Children’s hospices are all charities and rely on your support to deliver these vital services to families of seriously ill children across the UK. Get involved by raising funds for your local service.

Hero Friday

This year Children’s Hospice Week culminates with Hero Friday. Dress up as your hero and help raise money to provide 24/7 care for seriously ill children. It could be your favourite pop star, actor, sports personality or superhero. Or maybe your hero is a family member or friend that’s made a world of difference to you.

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