VIP treatment for families at One Direction Concert

We were thrilled to be able to offer some lucky families and supporters the opportunity to see One Direction at the O2 Arena last night. They enjoyed VIP treatment, getting to watch the boys from the comfort of a private box – the ultimate experience for any 1D fan and a simply incredible night.

Amongst those joining us for this exciting evening were three special families:

Having fun at the O2The Whiteheads live in Sheffield. Lily, an avid One Direction fan, has a life-threatening condition that affects her breathing and eating. Lily was delighted when she was able to attend a previous 1D concert but unfortunately couldn’t stay long due to her health condition. They were over the moon to have the chance to see the boys again – this time in a private suite where her medical needs could be attended to. She had the best night!

Vanessa said “Lily had a particularly tough week, the week before winning the tickets and it was simply the most perfect surprise to put a smile back on her face.”

Family fun at 1DThe Edge family from Chester had a brilliant time. Their youngest son Dylan was born with Patau’s Syndrome and has complex health needs that require 24/7 care. This impacts on the whole family and life can often revolve around Dylan’s care needs. Mum, Claire, was delighted to have the opportunity to spend quality time with Dylan’s brother and sister – Alfie and Jessica.

The Greens live in Essex. Mum, Jane, has worked hard to raise the profile of our work over the years and has openly shared her experience of caring for Callum, born with severe brain damage caused by complications at birth.  Sadly, Callum died in 2014 aged nine. Callum’s older brother, Connor, did not have a conventional childhood as a result of Callum’s condition and short life, so Jane and her new husband Mark loved having this opportunity to do something exciting together as a family.

Jane said “since Connors younger brother, Callum, passed away last year, we have tried our best to do things together that are fun, create memories and make us all laugh.” Last night definitely fitted the bill!

It was fantastic to be able to say a big thank you to some of our supporters by inviting them along for the night too.

Huge thanks go to a very generous donor who made the night possible.


  • Anonymous commenter 01 October 2015, 20:07

    Sounds like a fab night well done and please keep up the good work you do a brilliant job

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