Having a Baby animation wins again

Hurricane media and Together for Short Lives has won a Media Innovation Award for the We’re Having a Baby animation that the digital agency developed for our charity. The award is the second for the animation this month, following hard on the heels of the Digital Entrepreneur award that the animation had already scooped.


The animation, which was developed with creative agency Hurricane Media at no cost to the charity, tells the story of the moment a parent hears the news that their child has a life-limiting condition and their hopes for their family’s future may not be realised. Their world is turned upside down and they are left feeling lost and alone.

Although there is no cure for their child’s condition the moving story goes on to explain that help is at hand for the family; with care and support they can find moments to savour and have a life together, however short.

"The film draws on our experience of working closely with families and the children’s palliative care sector and uses animation to tell a difficult story," said Myra Johnson, Director of Communications at Together for Short Lives after the earlier award was announced. “Winning this prestigious award will help us communicate the needs of families caring for the 49000 children in the UK with life-limiting conditions and to reach out to more families to reassure them that there are specialist children’s palliative care services for them.”http://

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